Flying Site Rules


BMFA regulations do not permit:
Flying at any height in the dead air space (No-fly zone) i.e. over the cars, entrance gate and access.
Low flying or aerobatics directly above the pits area.
Flying round the pits in “control line” fashion.

Establish the pits area at 90 degrees to wind direction.

Models above 7kg require 30m clear space in front of pits; engine failsafe should be tested; pilot must meet the conditions of CAA Air Navigation Order and BMFA regulations. Limit height to 400 feet.

Fixed wing aircraft may be IC-engine or electric powered, or gliders.
Helicopters and multirotors shall only be electric powered.
Fixed wing and rotary wing models shall not be flown at the same time.
Fixed wing aircraft have priority, but rotary wing flyers should not be made to wait more than 30-min before being permitted to fly, and may fly earlier with the agreement of members present; they should then be given a 20-min slot.
Subsequent slots to be agreed between members present. The start and finish of a slot to be announced with a sound signal.
Only 3 aircraft may be airborne at one time.
A club officer may sanction special team manoeuvres.
Pegboard use is recommended when a number of members are using 35MHz transmitters.

Avoid extended engine running in the pits area while pilots are flying, it is distracting to the pilot who needs to hear his engine(s). (Extended static running and tuning should be carried out away from the pits or when there is no flying imminent and by agreement with the pilots).

Drive slowly along farm track particularly through farmyard.
Enter field at upper gate and park immediately inside. No driving across to patch.
Be aware of walkers and horse riders using lane, particularly unexpected arrivals of horse riders coming out of dip from Hardy’s Monument direction. Fly away from them.
Keep noise to a minimum. Noise sensitive area. Remember, Hardy’s Monument is only 1/2 mile away.

If the majority of members present at any flying session consider jointly that a particular engine/model is excessively noisy they have the right to ground the model/engine in question. (A larger propeller often significantly reduces noise).

Prohibited area
No flying over field with horses in it (to the south).

Sunday flying times – 10.00 am to 2.00 pm
Other days – 10.00 am to dusk.
No flying permitted on Christmas Day.

Guest flyers
Only three visits per year allowed, must be accompanied by a club member who is responsible for the guest, ensuring that the guest is currently insured to fly model aircraft and has been made aware of the WMFC Flying Site Rules. Club members always have priority as regards flying slots.

Junior Members
Junior member using the flying site shall at all times be attended by his/her parent (or guardian) who is a paid-up member of the club and who alone will be responsible for the child’s security and safety and that of any other child brought with the junior member to the site.

All pilots must have valid BMFA insurance cover.   Alternatives are not permitted.

Flying Site Plan