Stearman winter project

E-Flite PT-17

Taking my time assembling an E-Flite Stearman PT-17 15e.
This was the standard basic trainer for both the US Army and Navy in WW2 for which over 10,000 were built, with many still flying.

The version I have is the balsa and ply 44″ span US Army model.
E-Flite discontinued this version in July last year and replaced it with a foam version.
I liked the wood construction version and was able to obtain one of the last kits in November.

All the online forums said it need a lot of nose weight to achieve the recommended COG so I tried to save as much weight as possible in the tail by simplifying the tail wheel and control horns.

It still needed nose weight so I reinforced the motor mount and attached sheet lead as far forward as I could get it.
I also propose using two 3-cell 2.2A LiPo batteries in parallel, pushed right up into the nose.

Each section of wing was adjusted for correct incidence.


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  1. Here we are in December 2018 and I still haven’t flown my Stearman.
    Although we have had fairly good weather this season the sunshine has often been accompanied by high winds. I took it up to the field a few times but found the wind a bit strong and chickened out of a maiden flight.
    Looks like it will be 2019 now?

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