E-flite Apprentice Trainer Model

Following our recruitment campaign we have a number of new members who require beginner training. Unfortunately our trainer model was lost last week and as we are getting into the flying season a replacement was urgently required. Following discussions with members with recent experience of training models it was decided to purchase an E-flite Apprentice. This is an electric-powered foam model supplied complete with the Spektrum SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) receiver and transmitter, the whole outfit specifically designed for initial training.
A feature of the SAFE system is auto-stabilisation; in which the model will return to straight and level flight from any orientation at the press of a switch on the transmitter.
The flight envelope can also be switched between three modes: Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced, giving progressively greater ranges of control as the student progresses.

It is intended that the model should be available for use by any Registered Club Instructor at the Club Site.

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