Night Flying

The Eagles Flying Association have kindly invited us to participate in some night flying:

Eagles FA are holding another open night flying session on Friday March
15th. In the event of poor weather as before we will postpone until
Saturday or Sunday, failing that the following weekend 22nd, 23rd 24th.

Flying from whenever you like in the afternoon till everyone gets too cold.

Sunset is about 6:15

Bonfire and food about 6:30 – Bangers, Beans and Baked Potato, £2 / head
and as before please bring your own drinks.

Those who plan to attend please let the club Secretary know so you can be kept
informed of any postponements.

Personally, I’ve never flown at night before but I will certainly give it a go.
I’ve ordered up a few strings of LEDs and plan to illuminate my WOT 4 Foamie.
Sounds like a recipe for disaster. I can crash regularly in daylight, so no change there.
Should be a laugh.

One Reply to “Night Flying”

  1. It’s easy, just practice for about two years and you may just about get the hang of it!
    I could not master flying in total darkness, depending on the position of lights alone. Flying in the half light of dusk allowed me to relate lights to model. The most essential thing is to fly slowly, with plenty of time to correct those incorrect actions; it was just like learning to fly again!

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