Bovington Model Engineering Exhibition

Update on the Bovington situation.

I was a bit late getting the registration documents in, so delivered them to the office in person.
The exhibition manager is on holiday until the New Year, but I was assured they would be accepted.

Start sprucing up you models fit for public exhibition!

The date of the exhibition is 16 – 17 February 2019.

6 Replies to “Bovington Model Engineering Exhibition

  1. I intend to leave Weymouth at 10:00 Friday, going to set up the show.
    I will have the Nieuport fighter, 66″Tiger Moth, Edge aerobatic and Electric Mig 15,
    it’s quite a car full!

    1. Have not yet had confirmation of our attendance, hope it is just the office being slow to clear our papers.
      Will chase them up.

  2. Excellent look forward to paying a visit to the museum. Give me a shout if you need a hand with the set up, or any models for display, the lysander may be assembled by then or take the parkzone mosquito.

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